The Wedding.

The Wedding.

On the first day of Spring we met in the forest to be married. Our service was short, but heart-felt, and we felt it appropriate to share the experience with our family and a close circle of friends. We are incredibly grateful for those people and the roles they have played in our lives and for their continued support as we move into the next phase of our life together.

Transcript of the Event:


I would like to start today by giving thanks for all of the friends and family members who have gathered here at Broken Oak to celebrate this day. I would like to ask you to join me in giving thanks to the signs of Spring which are upon us: the wind in the forest, the radiant heat of the sun, and space egg—the moon, gazing softly down upon us. [Pause.] I now ask you to rise for the bride and groom.

[Bride and Groom enter.]

Today is the Spring Equinox, the first day of Spring. This date marks the point when the alignment of Earth’s axis divides a day equally between sun and moon, and marks the first day of Spring—truly a day of harmony and balance. Spring represents the start of the cycle of life, the renewal of the world, and when new life blooms forth from the hazy days of winter.

Today also marks the marriage of Rebecca Kathleen Gladney and James Christopher Malphrus to each other. James and Rebecca have approached the altar today in order to openly celebrate their love and commitment to a lifetime dedicated to adventure, enriching their minds and hearts, and growing their family. The friends around them know that this will be a lifetime of discovery both of the world outside and the ones within, days full of creation, and evenings full of merriment. If there is anyone here that believes that these two should not be married… roll initiative.

Like all good stories, we must know the characters. And what characters they are. 

Rebecca and James met, as many do, over the internet to plan a game of dungeons and dragons. As they developed their characters, they also developed a synergy between their hearts. Rebecca gazed long into the sky, towards the moon and stars. James walked the earth, taking in its beauty, making room in his heart for all natural creations. Rebecca soon became the moon and stars for James, and in James she found a wilderness of adventure, waiting to be explored. 

The two shared their love of learning, strengthening their bond and an building something incredible. Through music, fellowship with others, outreach to those cast aside by society, and a hearty dose of grilled cheese sandwiches, the two became capable of moving the heavens they dreamed about and the earth they cared for to create an environment of peace and beauty. The love James and Rebecca share is inspirational to their friends and family. It is a holistic love, full of discovery, exfoliation, creation, and sharing. Together, they have become trailblazers for a better tomorrow. 

Rebecca and James have written their own vows, through which they will establish the foundation of their union and pledge their love to each other. James.

James, to Rebecca:

Rebecca’s sister was able to capture a video of our vows with better audio.

My Rebecca, my love—

Before you came into my life, I had given up on this moment. The circumstances of my life before I met you had driven me to the solemn acceptance that though I had aspired to build a family since before I could remember, I would never have one of my own. You changed that in me—and I could not be happier. Those early months were a hastened kind of slow as we fell into each other quickly, despite our own resistances. In those days I spent most of my weeks on the road, and that made our weekends together that much sweeter. I remember when we went to our first music festival, and people we’d barely met commented on the love they saw between us. We had many more high-speed weekends before we admitted it to each other. This past January marked two years sharing our home on the edge of this forest—and they have been the best two years of my life. Your patient love has moved beyond every barrier residing in my heart and has given new life to my deepest of desires—for our family. Your steadfast support has given me the strength to follow my dreams and accomplish my goals. Without you I would have no chance of being the man that I am becoming.

For these reasons and the countless others, on this day, I make to you this oath: that I will love you in every place and in every way; that I will adore you, for your beauty, for your kindness, and for your love; that I will support you in hardship and in happiness; that I will honor you with my words and with my actions; that I will keep your secrets and counsel your worries; that I will challenge you when it is required and praise you when it is not; that I will cherish our every moment together, both those that have passed and those that are yet to come; that you are my always—and in all ways you have me.

Our descendants alone, may claim your equal in these ways.

Rebecca, to James:

My love,

You have brought such a vibrancy to my life. I feel like before I had you to love, I was contented with living in black and white. You’ve given me a priceless gift – the courage to let my true colors shine.

James Christopher – YOU – have been the sunshine in my life that I needed to really start growing. Thank you for shining on me. For nurturing and encouraging me. For pollinating my blossom. For bee-ing so wonderful. I love you so much.

You are so many things to me. Friend, Partner, Lover. Fellow Adventurer, Father to our little one, Defender of the Galactic Leyline.

Thank you for being all these things and bringing such joy to my life.

I vow,

To love you fiercely, to comfort you in all the ways you need it, to support you in all your endeavors, to encourage you to always express your true self, and to protect our family in all the ways I am able.

Whether we’re dancing in the kitchen, or dancing through life – I’ll be there babe, for our happily ever after.


My dearest friends, you have walked up to the altar of marriage separately and with joy in your hearts, you have professed your vows in front of your families, your friends, and the natural world which surrounds you. You have accepted each other in the bond of marriage, please turn to face your newly joined family. I now pronounce you husband and wife. James, you may now kiss your bride.


I now have the great honor of presenting you to your family and friends who cherish you, and I have the delight of sending you out into the world together, as one inseparable heart. Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to present to you Mr. James and Mrs. Rebecca Malphrus

[All Exit.]


Music by Vindsvept:

Track List:

The Fae,

Gjallahorn, Awaken the Gods (feat Gaute Öhrm),

Officiate: Robert Wright,

Filmography: Jodi Pierce

Audio: Ricky Gladney


  1. Linda M Vance

    Rebecca & James – Congratulations! Many years of Blessings and growth from the Son above. Truly a beautiful sweet ceremony. Thank you for letting me share in this beautiful time.

  2. WES Environmental, LLC

    James, I’m sorry we missed the live wedding but we pulled it up at the office and watched it together. It was beautiful. Congratulations to you both! Praying that you have a wonderful, full and loving life together.

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