Cox Landing / Lake Worth Cleanup Effort

Cox Landing / Lake Worth Cleanup Effort

Most weeks we gather up and get out to a public land to spend the day riding its roads and hiking its trails. We do this to learn more about the natural world that exists beyond our homes and cities—and then we share the images and stories with you, our readers. This past weekend we decided to do something different and joined some local volunteers in picking up litter around a nearby boat ramp and recreational area.

The effort was organized by a friend who frequents the area; he got tired of seeing the accumulated refuse and decided to do something about it. He put out a call for volunteers on social media and began planning a walking cleanup along the north end of Albany’s Riverfront Greenway Trail. Rebecca and I saw his call to action and decided to join in the effort.

We met at Cox Landing at 9 AM and worked our way around the boat landing, parking, and recreational areas there before moving along the trail to the Kinchafoonee Fishing Pier. Trash grabbers, trash bags, snacks, and water were provided by Keep Albany/Dougherty Beautiful (KADB).

It was a brisk Saturday and only six volunteers braved the cold, but over the next 3 hours our efforts removed more than 20 bags of paper, glass and plastic litter from the Riverfront Greenway Trail and surrounding recreational areas. By noon, the cool weather had become a boon, softening the South Georgia sun as we collected the wayward debris. As the day went on, Rebecca and I began discussing lunch, and we decided to invite everyone along.

Rebecca with some of our new friends from that day!

Over the course of the afternoon, we discussed the cleanup that morning. Everyone had such a great time, that we began making plans for our next one! We’re looking at May 15th to continue working on the Lake Worth Recreation Area and Riverfront Greenway Trail. We are hoping to make this a larger scale cleanup and would invite you to help! If you’re going to be in Albany and would like to join us, you can find more information HERE.