#In Focus Friday – The Return of the Mississippi Kite

#In Focus Friday – The Return of the Mississippi Kite

That’s a mistake— We are nearing the end of summer and the Kites, both Mississippi and Swallowtail, have begun to migrate south. Like Hummingbirds, and numerous other bird species, The Kites will sail over land and sea seeking the warmer weather and the bountiful bugs of Central and South America. We are sad to see them go but are pleased to know that these wild neighbors will return after the winter to grace our perches once more.

I’ve shared several images of our neighborhood Kites in the last couple of weeks— they are beautiful birds and have given me some great chances to photograph them. Please feel free to check out those photos and some of my other subjects on our Instagram after enjoying the expanded selections below.

I hope that everyone will bear with me while we get settled and work on our routines. The past year has been amazing with our marriage, Simon, and now a new house, it has been hard to keep up, and even harder to keep a habit of posting fresh content on the internet… but I’m working on it— hopefully I’ll reach an event horizon with my work, and I’ll stop feeling like it’s all so- incomplete. I can hope, right?

We have so many amazing projects that are starting to gain momentum!

We have Wildlife Print Postcards going into production! The first print is available to purchase at The Flint RiverQuarium in Albany, Georgia. The second print arrived this week and some of our close friends and family will see them in their mailboxes this week—I’m workshopping the notion of using them as a Patreon Perk, something like: “for x dollars a month we’ll send you a high quality 4×6 wildlife print and a brief message via post.”

We have all the kit to setup a birdfeeder camera livestream! After working out the plan and gathering components for the project we decided to purchase a house, and everything got put on hold. We still have all the components and are working on getting a new plan in order. We’ll provide details as they develop. Right now, we’re still trying to iron out our bird feeder array.

There are definitely plans to put together an online store! After much deliberation, I think I’ve found a good dropship company and I’m trying to make sense of organizing an online storefront. It is a priority and I plan on having it operational in time for Christmas.

There are so many other ideas beginning to bear fruit that I can barely think of them all right now, I could probably do an entire Journal Entry just about my pipe dreams— maybe I’ll save that for Sunday. In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations, please reach out.

And have a wonderful day,