Things are Changing. It’s good.

Things are Changing. It’s good.

I have been idle. Well, no. That’s wrong. I have been anything but idle, but I have not been actively posting to this blog site. Let’s change that.

Among the many things that I’m working on will be a weekly “In Case You Missed It” post. This first one is a bit of a working concept. I’ll refine the process in the weeks ahead. I hope you enjoy these photos that were posted to our Instagram feed last week.

We recently took our 1 year old son, Simon, to visit Radium Springs for the first time— he had a ball!

Radium Springs is a beautiful historic site just outside of Albany, GA and I have many fond memories of visiting it over the years. In recent years we found a beautiful array of birds, reptiles, and fish during our visits. The Dougherty County Commission has recently undertaken efforts to dredge the blue hole and surrounding pools so that it can be reopened as a swimming attraction.

A view of the small creek that flows from Radium Springs to the Flint River from a nearby overlook.

We recently moved, and our new house has Blue Jays everywhere! I’m hoping to catch some really nice photos of them in the coming months!

Green Herons are wholly remarkable in that they hide all of that neck in their plumage. Rebecca and I spent the better part of an afternoon watching a pair of green herons hunt the pools around Radium Springs when we first moved to the area. It was a beautiful spectacle and a memorable afternoon.

We are so excited by the many varieties of mushrooms we’ve located in our new front yard! Now I have a new goal in my study of taxonomy—learn the names of all the many mushrooms.

Thank you for taking a moment to look over this weeks photos. This is a work in progress, an attempt to share all the wonders we see in the world. The format and specifics may change and we welcome suggestions and feed back. All photos are original works.