2022 Print Catalog

2022 Print Catalog

It’s that time of year again: brilliant fall colors foreshadow the bounties of the harvest, warm gatherings drift into cool autumn nights, and the repose of winter is on the horizon. Another cycle is drawing to a close and a new one is peeking from around the bend. For now, we prepare for holidays, when we’ll reflect on the passing year and honor the family and friends that shared it with us.

In keeping with that spirit, we’ve organized some of our favorite photographs into a catalog for the holiday season. Unlike our previous holiday sales, this catalog will be “made to order,” a feature that allows for greater customization during the printing process. Images can be scaled to meet your needs, can be printed on photo paper or canvas, and come with a variety of matting and mounting options.

While we have been working on an online storefront, we are still several steps from launch. Meaning that in the interim we will have to handle orders manually via email and electronic funds transfer. Production will be handled by professionals and completed products will be shipped directly to you, with some exceptions.

Pricing and Contact information can be found at the below the catalog…

SizePrint OnlyWith 2″ MatCanvas OnlyMounted Canvas
5 x 5$7.75$11.75
5 x 7$10.75$14.50
8 x 8$19.50$22.50$24.50$29.50
8 x 10$25.50$26.75$30.75$36.75
11 x 14$35.25$37.25$44.25$55.25
12 x 18$50.00$52.75$61.75$77.75
16 x 20$77.75$81.25$92.50$114.50
16 x 24$91.00$95.25$111.50$137.50
20 x 20$99.50$104.75$116.00$144.00
20 x 24$108.25$112.50$138.75$172.75
24 x 30$139.50$144.75$172.50$251.50

We also have postcards—high quality 4 x 6 reproductions of selected photographs on heavy duty cardstock with high-gloss UV coatings—and we really like them! We’ve been mailing them to our friends and families for a few months and we’re excited to share them with you.

We’re selling them in packs of 10 for $12.50 and they can be mixed and matched to your preferences.

If you see something you like, email [email protected] to get the ball rolling, please include the name or number of the image, the desired media and size, and any other relevant information. James will work quickly to iron out the details and get you an invoice. Once payment is processed, we will send your orders to print and have them at your door as quickly as possible.

We hope that you enjoy the catalog and look forward to helping you with the ordering process.