Author: <span>James Malphrus</span>

A Journey to Horse Creek WMA

July had been a month, each week a hectic rush of troublesome events and paradoxically wonderful moments. Some of it left us drained and emotionally tense, while other of it inspired abject joy and a deep sense of gratitude.  As a side effect of June’s pace, we only spent one …

Flint River WMA – Insects and Others

A collection of images taken at Flint River WMA that we wanted to share, but couldn’t find space for in our other posts about the space.

Flint River Revisited

After Pitcher Plant Bog we took a break to put some things in order—after visiting five Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in nearly as many weeks it was necessary to iron out some details before launching this website. We hope you like it. This past Sunday, on the dawn of summer, …