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#In Focus Friday – The Praying Mantis

This week we’re going to focus in on the Praying Mantis, an insect species for which I have a great deal of esteem—which is what happens when you give a fifth grader a library card and tell him he can ready any book he likes. I found one with a praying mantis on it and read it cover to cover. Good times.

Unfortunately, I have only had a few occasions with them in the wild, including the one we spotted on our house this past week.

Honeymooning in the Chattahoochee-Oconee

After our wedding we spent the week exploring the WMAs of north Georgia! We had a great time visiting the Chatthoochee-Oconee National Forest and learning about its history and fauna.

The Honeymoon – Playing with Panorama

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For our honeymoon we spent a week in North Georgia exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains near Elijay GA. We’d found a cozy little cabin deep in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest on the lower slopes of Wolfpen Mountain. Our adventures were many and I’ll provide greater detail of them and the places we visited in the week ahead. For now, We’d like to share a collection of images from the journey!

A Night at River Creek

During our recent dive into the history of River Creek, we discovered that it’s one of the best examples of a Longleaf Pine/Wiregrass Ecosystem, and that in recent years efforts have been made to repopulate Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in the area. These were the leading factors in our decision to get …

River Creek, A Storied Past and a Hopeful Future

River Creek, the Ralph and Alexandra Kauka Wildlife Management Area is a mouthful, the name stands out in a list because of, well, the names. Despite the curiosity, we delayed visiting Rivercreek, in much the same way as we avoided Chickasawhatchee WMA. Since our initial strategy for selecting WMAs had been to visit those farther from …

River Creek Roundup – Pollinator Pics

These photos are from our initial visit to River Creek, The Rolf and Alexandra Kauka WMA. Rebecca and I drove down to the old plantation outside of Thomasville, arriving just before dawn. We set out quietly on our hike, watching the forest slowly come alive with the rising sun. We were humbled by the …

Elmodel – Chasing the Gray Speedsters

Even in the middle of a South Georgia summer 6:00 AM can be brisk— and it was. This was Labor Day; Robert and I were trying not to wake anyone as we shuffled out of the house. We were on our way to meet up with a new friend: Tim. Tim had reached …

Chickasawhatchee – Returning with a Watchful Eye

That midweek foray had piqued our interest. We made up our minds—and when Sunday came, we went back to Chickasawhatchee Wildlife Management Area for a closer look. We left before dawn, as we often do, and arrived ahead of the sun. The pre-historic feel of Mud Creek Road, the same …

Chickasawhatchee WMA – A Photo Record

Last month we took several trips to Chickasawhatchee Wildlife Management Area. Here are some of our favorite photos from the outings. To read about our first adventure on the property click here. More stories about our adventures are on the way! We are now selling prints! if you see something …