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A Night at River Creek

During our recent dive into the history of River Creek, we discovered that it’s one of the best examples of a Longleaf Pine/Wiregrass Ecosystem, and that in recent years efforts have been made to repopulate Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in the area. These were the leading factors in our decision to get …

Flint River Revisited

After Pitcher Plant Bog we took a break to put some things in order—after visiting five Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in nearly as many weeks it was necessary to iron out some details before launching this website. We hope you like it. This past Sunday, on the dawn of summer, …

Lannahassee Creek WMA

Lannahassee Creek WMA is large parcel of land nestled in the tributaries of the northern Kinchafoonee Creek. It boasts hilly lands, costal forests, and numerous wildlife opportunities.